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Our aim is to install your air conditioning system with the minimum fuss and the maximum efficiency.

Maintaining the optimum temperature is vital for ensuring a productive, comfortable, and safe work environment. But it becomes a headache when your commercial air conditioning system is not working properly, which is making your employees swelter and your customer flee. Other than that, malfunctioning AC equipment can also hamper your business operations to a great extent. For example, if you are in the food business, you would require your cooling equipment to work properly so that your business operations can run smoothly.

Although the rates of commercial ac repair services are not coming down anytime soon, we have come to you bearing the good news. By choosing to work with us, you would have access to the best and most skilled mechanical contractors’ services. Serving a wide range of businesses across Chicago for decades, we will keep your commercial cooling system up and running at its peak through top-notch quality installation, repairs, and preventive maintenance whenever needed.

Our Specialty

Various unforeseen incidents can happen when you are working with commercial HVAC equipment. Keeping that in mind, it is essential for every business these days to maintain their units consistently to avoid more significant problems. That is why we are here to offer you the best AC repair services in Chicago.

Wondering why we are different from our competitors out there? Take a look at what we specialize in,

  • Commercial Repair Experts

Our repair professionals have experience working with different types of cooling systems. Hence, there are skilled at installing, repairing, and maintaining any given model and make of cooling equipment. You come to us with any problem, and we would provide a 100% guarantee that we would solve your issue right away.

  • Swift Services

Are you facing problems at odd hours? Is your business located far from the available service providers? No need to worry about these things anymore. Our dispatched, fully-stocked service vehicles are readily available, allowing us to reach your doorstep typically within an hour. Call us for AC installation, maintenance, or repair services, and we would be right there.

  • Top-notch Customer Service

Our pride comes from our happy customers. We would stay with you till every step of the repair and maintenance process until you are satisfied with the results. We can repair your cooling system within 24 hours, and we are available seven days a week. Furthermore, we offer flexible scheduling opportunities with no additional charges for weekend and evening appointments.

  • Cost-effective Rates

We know that commercial ac repair and maintenance services can be quite a costly affair for most. But with us, you do not have to worry about the costs either. We can beat our competitors by up to 5%. We can offer you better and more reasonable quotes than Integrity Heating, Artisan Heating, Sears Home Improvement, Hoekstra, Chicago Heating Repair, Service Experts, ARC, Home Depot, All Tempt, and even Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning.

Now that you have a fair idea about our specialty, take a look at the services we offer.

Our AC Repair Services

We offer three different commercial AC equipment services that can keep your equipment and your business up and running. We have experience in maintaining, repairing, replacing, and installing a wide range of cooling systems. Take a look at our services below to have better knowledge.

Commercial AC Installation and Replacement

We are here to solve all your installation worries, from checking whether the equipment’s size can cool any given space to installing new ductwork. We will help you buy the most economically efficient commercial AC unit to offer you the highest ROI.

Apart from that, we also watch out for frequent breakdowns, escalating cooling bills, comfort issues, and performance problems that can indicate replacement time. That way, we can help you select a new, robust cooling equipment for you before any bigger problem arises.

Commercial AC Repair

Whether you are running a specialty business or a data center, air conditioning is the backbone to consistent and successful operations. This is where we come in. We have a team of top-of-the-industry technicians skilled at diagnosing and fixing various kinds of issues that your industrial air conditioner can face. You can easily reduce your business disruptions with our efficient repairing service.

Our repair service also covers sudden and immediate appointments with the help of our 24/7 available technicians. Give us a call anytime you face a problem, and we would be there to serve you right away.

Commercial AC Maintenance

With proper preventive maintenance service, you can drastically cut down on the repairs. Our routine services would help your commercial units function more efficiently to maximize productivity and reduce operating costs. You can even book our routine AC maintenance service for each spring to help your units last longer.

The maintenance plans can be tailored accordingly to fit your specific requirements. Customers also get the option to cancel their subscription to plans if they are not satisfied with the results.

Preferred installers for main equipment manufacturers

When it comes to Commercial and Residential Air conditioning systems, design, maintenance, diagnoses and installation services in Chicago, no one does better than All Precise HVAC. For the past 20 years, Chicago land neighbors bank on us for AC needs.

Our expert air conditioning services spectrum range from:

  • Commercial Rooftop units
  • Residential Spit systems to Mini Split systems for Lounges
  • Utility Rooms
  • Home Office Study
  • Medical facilities.

Foremost Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company in Chicago, AllPrecise HVAC, also takes care of your requirement of maintaining, repair and servicing of current AC units. We leave no stone upturned to make the unit work smoothly as we understand the value of ROI when hard-earned money of your is invested.

emergency heating repair Chicago

Common Causes of Air Conditioner Problems

Air conditioning unit or systems fails due to various reasons, either it’s by long usage or age of the unit, poorly maintained or the unit is working in harsh conditions.

Most common sign is the drop in cooling capacity, even if you set the temperature setting at its lowest but the air inside the room is still not cool enough, then it is a sign of a compressor failing and might need immediate repair or maintenance.

Another most obvious sign would be a very noisy motor and fan, this just indicates a loose bearing or maybe loosening electrical components, commonly it is the rotor fan starting to fail.

Air conditioning repair is not avoidable it will happen no matter what, but we do not have to fret or worry because there is always an Air conditioning repair Chicago.

Allprecise HVAC for Best Air conditioning repair

There is no doubt that air conditioning repair is really needed and thus it is always good to know that there is always a reliable partner in terms of Chicago Air Conditioning repair. Calling the airconditioning service and repair company will be the answer for all services, maintenance and repair needs for our Air conditioning system or units.

Up service and repair request call, A Chicago air conditioning repair expert will rush to homes or offices and will dependably check your controls and indoor regulators amidst the maintenance schedules.

The air conditioning experts will check the fans bearing oils which ought to likewise be checked and no one but they (the experts) can have the capacity to do such jobs effectively.

We as your good and trustworthy Chicago air conditioning repair service company are available whenever you need them, it simply means you can call and request for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

So when at your comfortable sleep at night when suddenly your air conditioning unit fails, the repair service company will be readily available and will rush up to your homes even at the wee hours of the night just to repair and fix your air conditioning unit so you can get back to your nice comfortable sleep and be energized in the morning.

So what have we learned here?

Simply noted that we need to take care of our appliances, this means that we need constant and regular scheduled maintenance and repair. If this simple maintenance and service measure is to be neglected then there might come a time when we need to say goodbye to our air conditioning unit and who knows how much a new one will cost not to mention that time needed for installation.

” Number of AC we Repair in last 5 years “Number of Ac Repair in last 5 years

However If the air conditioning unit is too old it is best to just buy and install a new one instead, not only you can save in maintenance and repair fees, but also new and modern air conditioning units are made to be energy efficient.



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