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Our aim is to install your air conditioning system with the minimum fuss and the maximum efficiency. All our engineers are fully trained and qualified to ensure your peace of mind.

Our Complete Air Conditioning Services include, which are not limited to:

  • Professional Service
  • Supply & installation of a range of Commercial and Residential air-conditioning systems
  • Mini Split A/C systems
  • Free Site Surveys
  • Responsive Maintenance – 24 hours a day, call outs as required
  • System Testing andRepairs of all Commercial and Residential units
  • Full Installation
  • Follow all industry Standards

Preferred installers for main equipment manufacturers

When it comes to Commercial and Residential Air conditioning systems, design, maintenance, diagnoses and installation services in Chicago, no one does better than All Precise HVAC. For the past 20 years, Chicago land neighbors bank on us for AC needs.

Our expert air conditioning services spectrum range from:

  • Commercial Rooftop units
  • Residential Spit systems to Mini Split systems for Lounges
  • Utility Rooms
  • Home Office Study
  • Medical facilities.


Foremost Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Company in Chicago, AllPrecise HVAC, also takes care of your requirement of maintaining, repair and servicing of current AC units. We leave no stone upturned to make the unit work smoothly as we understand the value of ROI when hard-earned money of your is invested. Our loyal clients vouch for our honesty and up-to-date expertise.

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Air conditioning Repair Chicago

Air conditioning systems runs vigorously throughout the year, but since it is still made up of gears, motors and a cooling unit like the compressor, there will be a time where repair will be needed. So when will be the best time to call up air conditioning repair Chicago? Technically most home owners will not know the time to call air-conditioning service and repair. Most of the time they call upon air-conditioning repair Chicago only once the air conditioning unit has already stopped working. But the problem with this situation is that the homeowner will have to wait for their unit to be fixed in order to gain the advantage of the cooling and comfort of what the unit can give.

Air conditioning unit or systems fails due to various reasons, either it’s by long usage or age of the unit, poorly maintained or the unit is working in harsh conditions. For those who have no clue when then as the owners and even for managers in offices we have to know the signs. Most common sign is the drop in cooling capacity, even if you set the temperature setting at its lowest but the air inside the room is still not cool enough, then it is a sign of a compressor failing and might need immediate repair or maintenance. Another most obvious sign would be a very noisy motor and fan, this just indicates a loose bearing or maybe loosening electrical components, commonly it is the rotor fan starting to fail.

Air conditioning repair is not avoidable it will happen no matter what, but we do not have to fret or worry because there is always an Air conditioning repair Chicago who are always be on call and ready to service and repair the air conditioning in all areas from homes, offices, businesses, restaurants and public establishments like hospitals and government offices.

Air Conditioning Services Chicago

Air conditioning is one of the most sought after features of every home today, especially in areas with high humidity and warm weather. We will want our air conditioning systems to work at it’s optimal output with maximum cooling and energy saving capability by constantly requesting for Air conditioning services, repairs and maintenance.

Why do you need an Air Conditioning Service Chicago?

During summer the temperatures will rise unbearably but with the help of air conditioning systems every households and offices will have a very comforting temperature. Heat or warm weather is one of the reasons why people get irritated easily if offices it can cause low productivity. Another reason is that air conditioning also acts as an air filter giving off healthier breathable air. There are various other reasons why offices and households needs air conditioning systems and even in the upper latitude where climate is colder but air conditioning are still a necessity especially in Chicago.

Chicago or the state of Illinois is a cold place but it does not mean it does not need cooling units and ventilation. Air conditioning system as a working machine and appliance will need regular services. Air Conditioning service Chicago to get the most of out the airconditioning systems, where services will includes installation, repair, maintenance and cleaning. Upon request or hiring of air conditioning service Chicago, professionals will come right away at your doorsteps to fully perform the services that you requested and also needed by your cooling units. It is best that the air conditioning systems or units must always be properly maintained and serviced to especially before summer time to avoid the hassle of a cooling malfunctioning when you need it.

Air conditioning service Chicago can cover all areas of air conditioning needs. They also have a capability to handle and service even business and industrial type of cooling systems and HVAC. This is just a proof of their expertise and professionalism. They can give services for Supply & installation of a range of Commercial and Residential air-conditioning systems. Technically they can and have capability to handle Mini Split A/C systems. Air conditioning service Chicago will always be available 24/7 and they are very strict to follow industry standards.

Chicago Air condtioning repair

There is no doubt that air conditioning repair is really needed and thus it is always good to know that there is always a reliable partner in terms of Chicago Air Conditioning repair. Calling the airconditioning service and repair company will be the answer for all services, maintenance and repair needs for our Air conditioning system or units. Up service and repair request call, A Chicago air conditioning repair expert will rush to homes or offices and will dependably check your controls and indoor regulators amidst the maintenance schedules. The air conditioning exeperts will check the fans bearing oils which ought to likewise be checked and no one but they (the experts) can have the capacity to do such jobs effectively.

A good and trustworthy Chicago air conditioning repair service company is available whenever you need them, it simply means you can call and request for help 24hours a day, 7 days a week. So when at your comfortable sleep at night when suddenly your air conditioning unit fails, the repair service company will be readily available and will rush up to your homes even at the wee hours of the night just to repair and fix your air conditioning unit so you can get back to your nice comfortable sleep and be energized in the morning.

So what have we learned here? Simply noted that we need to take care of our appliances, this means that we need constant and regular scheduled maintenance and repair. If this simple maintenance and service measure is to be neglected then there might come a time when we need to say good bye to our air conditioning unit and who knows how much a new one will cost not to mention that time needed for installation. However If the air conditioning unit is too old it is best to just buy and install a new one instead, not only you can save in maintenance and repair fees, but also new and modern air conditioning units are made to be energy efficient.



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