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All Precise refrigeration has over 20 years experience in servicing walk-in coolers, freezers and refrigeration systems to restaurants, convenience stores and floral shops in 1998, our business opened in Chicago to become one of Chicago’s leading refrigeration companies.

Affordable Commercial Refrigeration Repair

In 1999 All Precise invested in new testing equipment and continue to increase our reputation for offering the highest quality equipment standards and shortest lead times, The recent investment in some of the most advanced automation equipment in the industry has grown the business and has poised all precise as the refrigeration company that sets and excels industry standards.

When it comes to our service team:

    • We utilize a non-commissioned sales staff and a management team void of layers that simply complicate the process
    • We are truly a hassle free.
    • And fully supportive company that will work hard to exceed all your expectations on every contact that you have with us.


Simply put All Precise refrigeration is a whatever takes company here provide world-class customer service and the best service and sales in the industry.

With thousands of units serviced and installed to date. The many unique features offered by All Precise have made us preferred choice of:

    • Restaurants
    • Convenience Stores
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Floral Shops offering upfront pricing the choice is clear.


We support our innovations with optimal service provided by our team of professionals who will ensure your business interaction is a smooth one from service to install.

We don’t stop working once we earn your business, in fact we believe that’s just the start of our role.

We have an entire team that will ensure your full satisfaction and keep you apprised of every aspect of your investment till the very end.



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    Walk in Cooler Repair

    When it comes to Walk-in coolers specialist in Chicago, nobody as cooler as AllPreicse HVAC.  We repair you walk-in, no matter what its shape and size is. For any Walk In Cooler Repair – 24/7 Repair & Maintenance Service , we provide prompt, professional service. 

    Restaurant Coolers

    If your restaurant cooler needs overhaul, maintenance and repair work AllPreicse HVAC Commercial Refrigeration Repair service helps in sure-shot fixation of your problem so that your restaurant business does not suffer and comes back on track.

    Restaurant Coolers Repair Chicago
    emergency refrigeration repair Chicago

    Beverage Cooler Repair

    Beer Cave Refrigeration repair for your convenience store. AllPrecise HVAC is for your error-free great choice for maintenance, repair, installation, and service.

    Refrigeration Repair Chicago

    There are several features which can lend themselves to a walk in cooler operating efficiently. Quality door designs are very important for this piece of refrigeration repair equipment to operate effectively and have lasting durability. Rigid, reinforced door frames and heavy duty hinges provide maximum durability of your walk in cooler. This is a safety feature that prevents food service employees from getting stuck inside the refrigerator or freezer. It is almost always part of any refrigeration equipment manufacturer’s standard features, but it’s a good idea to make sure it’s included with your walk in cooler when you have it installed. Other important features for this piece of refrigeration repair equipment include an alarm system if the temperature in the walk in cooler is fluctuating widely. Oftentimes this can be the result of the door to your refrigeration equipment being left open accidentally, but there could also be a mechanical problem with the compressor or another part of your refrigerator or freezer could be malfunctioning. An alarm system will notify you of any issues before your valuable food service inventory items spoil. A variety of walk in cooler options are available in addition to the size. For instance, they may be prefabricated by a refrigeration repair equipment company or they may be free standing. Almost always restaurants that have large perishable goods needs will have their walk in cooler prefabricated, but there is also the chance that they put this piece of food service equipment outside if their size requirements are too big to fit inside. A very large walk in cooler may have different floors, but for smaller versions shelving units are almost always a necessity for ease of access. Also the condenser for your refrigeration equipment can be in-place or remote depending on your needs. During busy times, there will be plenty of in and out traffic with the door to your refrigeration repair equipment being opened and closed repeatedly. Poorly constructed doors or low quality hinges will drastically reduce the long term durability of your walk in cooler and require you to service this piece of food service equipment far too often. Inside door releases are also a must for any walk in cooler.

    Emergency Refrigeration Repair Chicago

    Much as half of the energy in homes and commercial environments goes to heating and cooling the structure. When perishable items or food items requiring to be held at temperature are involved then the heating and cooling costs go up even more. So making smart decisions on your heating and cooling equipment is vital to keep overhead down. Take these steps to maintain your heating and cooling equipment in proper working order and prevent unnecessary emergency refrigeration repair. Check filters in heating and cooling equipment monthly. It’s especially vital to check filters in your heating and cooling equipment during heavy use months when they can cost you the most money. Dirty filters can slow down the air flow in the heating and cooling equipment and make it run less efficiently. A clean filter will also prevent the build-up of dust or other particulates in the heating and cooling equipment which can lead to emergency refrigeration repair down the road. Just like keeping your car in tip top running condition, heating and cooling equipment requires regular maintenance. Performing regular maintenance will keep your heating and cooling equipment running efficiently and help prevent unscheduled, emergency repairs when you need the equipment to be working the most. Rather than manually setting the thermostat as needed, a programmable thermostat will allow you to schedule the settings on your heating and cooling equipment. This will prevent emergency refrigeration repair caused by overheating and under heating when you are away from the equipment. While a programmable thermostat may cost more on the front end, it will provide you long terms savings for operating your heating and cooling equipment. Ducting that moves air between your heating and cooling equipment can be huge energy wasters if they have leaks. By sealing and insulating your ducts, you can save as much as 20% on your energy costs. First seal the ducts for your heating and cooling equipment and then insulate the ducting. Replacing hold heating and cooling equipment may seem expensive on the front end, but if it is not running efficiently due to wear and tear the smart move might be to spend money on emergency refrigeration repair.

    Emergency Refrigeration Service Chicago

    A heating and cooling professional will be able to tell you where you’re losing money and how to improve your system. While fixing existing heating and cooling equipment with emergency refrigeration service might be possible you might be better off in the long run with new equipment. Often times when the weather turns cold we start to think that our commercial refrigeration system is in some sort of “frigid hibernation” and won’t need to be looked at again until the weather turns warm next summer. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Commercial refrigeration systems are set up with cold weather compensation controls. When these controls are operating correctly it helps the system run accurately while the temperatures outside drop below the temperature of the case. In order to make sure that your commercial refrigeration system is energy efficient; your refrigeration equipment should have a yearly winter checkup by an emergency refrigeration service, and allow things to really be cool in the cold! Don’t just assume that your commercial refrigeration is running efficiently or more smoothly just because the ambient air temperature outside the unit is cooler in summer. This type of thinking may get you burned because your food and other perishables will spoil almost as quickly if your commercial refrigeration fails in the winter as compared to summer. Think about the high demand for food and other perishables that occurs around the holidays. You don’t want your commercial refrigeration unit to be down when holiday shopping is at its peak. Keep your commercial refrigeration emergency refrigeration service maintenance going year round by contracting a qualified company to handle scheduled maintenance. You might be surprised at how economical your commercial refrigeration maintenance turns out to be. Most skilled technicians can find and emergency refrigeration service any problems and potential problems very quickly. In the long run the cost of scheduled commercial refrigeration service will be much cheaper when compared to emergency service. Not only will the maintenance costs be lower for scheduled commercial refrigeration service, but you won’t lose potentially thousands of dollars in spoiled perishable goods when your commercial refrigeration unit suddenly fails.

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