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Importance of commercial refrigeration repair

Floral displays, product cases, coolers, walk-in freezers, and various other commercial refrigeration types are vital parts of many business operations. They are sensitive equipment that can break down or malfunction from small issues. This would not only be an expensive affair for you to repair, but malfunctioning of this equipment will result in unhappy customers that can damage your reputation.

In some cases, people think that their commercial refrigerators are less likely to detect a problem as they are recently bought. Most people fail to realize that the equipment is enduring massive levels of stressful work every day. As refrigeration equipment is always working without rest, they needs to be maintained efficiently to sustain its performance and longevity.

In other words, there are multiple benefits that you can enjoy by regularly maintaining and repairing the commercial refrigeration units that you have. Some of these include but not limited to,


  • Longevity: Irrespective of your business type, any commercial refrigeration unit is a big investment. Naturally, you need to ensure that your investment lasts and does not go out of the drain after a few months of use and neglected maintenance. Keeping the equipment serviced regularly, and clean will increase its chances of serving efficiently for longer periods that would save you replacement and repair expenses in the future.


  • Cleanliness: Pathogens like mold, viruses, and bacteria can easily lurk inside the equipment and find their way to the stored ice or food. This would degrade your business quality and put the consumers at the risk of being diagnosed with foodborne illnesses. Therefore, regular maintenance in the form of professional cleaning should be performed frequently to keep both your food and business safe.


  • Food Safety: The first place that the health and food inspectors are going to check if you are in the foodservice industry is your refrigeration equipment condition. So, you can very well imagine that your equipment holds your businesses’ reputation at stake. Hence, by conducting refrigeration maintenance, you can be sure that all the units are working correctly.


  • Reliability: Last but not least, refrigeration units that are serviced and inspected regularly run more efficiently and show lesser chances of developing severe issues that can require immediate repair. Moreover, by opting for timely repair plans, the technicians would be able to identify and solve small issues long before they turn into major ones.


Our commercial refrigeration repair services

Irrespective of the business that you have, if you require commercial refrigeration units, you need to make sure that you are maintaining them properly. Here is a list of issues that should be checked right away if you are facing any of them.

  • Any Commercial Refrigeration Repair, Service & Installation

Installation, routine maintenance, and service help to avoid unexpected emergencies and ensure optimal performance. The commercial refrigeration repair services include but are not limited to cleaning the drain lines, checking for any loose electrical connections, repairing handles, hinges, seals, gaskets, and more.


  • Freezer Repair

If the freezer gets filled with excessive frost, then the defrost system is not working properly, or the evaporator fan motor is faulty. Our technicians can easily diagnose these issues with a proper commercial refrigerator repair. 


  • Refrigeration Parts Replacement

If your refrigerator has stopped working partially or completely, you need to look into some vital parts, such as the thermostat. Commercial refrigeration repair can make your unit up and running, that would prevent your business from stalling.


  • Refrigeration Repair

While working with commercial refrigeration units, you can face various issues like water leakage, fluid in the fresh food compartment, strange noises, and more. Opting for full-service repair plans ensures that the units are working properly.


  • Walk-In Coolers & Freezers Repair and Installation

Walk-in coolers and freezers are extremely expensive and crucial units due to the product amount stored in them. Hassle-free, instant installing and repair allows you to run your business smoothly without any downtime.


  • Freezers Installation

From customized commercial refrigeration systems to replacing refrigeration units in the current system, there are various types of installation services that we offer. These include bakery refrigeration, big-box store refrigeration, supermarket refrigeration, restaurant refrigeration, and walk-in freezers and coolers. Installation services are non-disruptive, quiet, and clean to prevent the rise of any difficulty.


  • Bar Coolers

The bar coolers face some typical problems that include freezing of beverages, cooling is not working, or there is inconsistent cooling. Our bar cooler repair services look after the lousy compressor, leaks, malfunctioning of evaporator coils, low refrigerant levels, and more. We can also replace essential parts like condensers, compressors, fans, motors, gaskets, thermostats, and light bulbs.


  • Beverage Coolers

Depending on the model and make of the beverage cooler unit, our repair services can help in fixing vital parts of the appliance. Other than that, we also offer quick maintenance that can get back the unit online when it faces any problem.  


Professional Commercial Refrigeration Repair 

When it comes to commercial refrigeration repair in Chicago, approach differs and that is why with so many fly by night commercial refrigeration repair companies in the Windy City, you need someone who understand uniqueness of your business.

Walking in tandem with lifeline of your commercial business, AllPrecise HVAC’s expert commercial refrigeration repair department provides excellent service and part replacements for your business. With our rich experience of more than 20 years, we have been successful in bringing different commercial businesses like restaurants, supermarkets, schools and cafeterias etc. on track. With expert refrigeration repair knowledge, we make sure that Commercial appliance repair matches planned maintenance and safeguards reliability.

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Commercial Refrigeration Repair Experts

Proper commercial refrigeration repair of your refrigerated equipment has never been more important.  The NATE testing process recognizes different levels of expertise and includes a core exam and a specialty exam in a field like commercial refrigeration repair. This exam process simplifies the field of refrigeration equipment into different knowledge areas. So commercial refrigeration repair Chicago technicians become experts at specific fields rather than becoming a jack-of-all trades in HVAC and refrigeration equipment. Regardless of which approach is undertaken any retrofit should include improving the leak tightness of the refrigerated equipment during the commercial refrigeration repair. Emissions of the refrigerant whether old or new is still a large issue because even if they are non-ozone damaging refrigerants newer refrigerants like HFCs are still considered greenhouse gases. So to prevent exchanging one environmental problem for refrigerated equipment owners need to use the retrofit conversion process during commercial refrigeration repair as a way to reduce refrigerant leaks and prevent refrigerant emissions. . The first approach to retrofitting retail refrigerated equipment during commercial refrigeration repair service involves replacing the refrigerant only. The non-profit organization North American Technician Excellence, or NATE, specializes in certifying technicians in commercial refrigeration repair service and the field of refrigeration equipment.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair Chicago

Refrigeration equipment is a vital part of any food service establishment’s operations, so commercial refrigeration repair should not be taken lightly. Your refrigeration equipment was a large investment for you when you started your company, so when you take care of it like you would a fancy car or custom built home. commercial refrigeration repair Chicago provides you with a reliable solution for your cold storage needs. The non-profit organization North American Technician Excellence, or NATE, specializes in certifying commercial refrigeration repair technicians in commercial refrigeration repair and the field of refrigeration equipment. Being incredibly user friendly due to the variety of sizes and types, refrigeration units offer safe food storage options when commercial refrigeration repair is done on a regular basis. Whether your refrigeration equipment is new or old, a good commercial refrigeration repair company can provide you the maintenance needed to keep it in top working order. An up-to-date NATE certification provides a wealth of benefits to HVAC and commercial refrigeration repair technicians and the companies they serve. If problem on your refrigeration occurs, call a commercial refrigeration repair technicians who are knowledgeable about refrigeration equipment. When you contact a NATE certified commercial refrigeration repair service technician, you can be comfortable in knowing that they have invested the time and energy into achieving and maintaining their certification in refrigeration equipment and commercial refrigerator service. The HVAC and refrigeration equipment fields are constantly changing. So it’s important for commercial refrigeration repair technicians to remain up to speed with the latest developments. Changes like new refrigerants for your refrigeration equipment, new codes and standards for commercial refrigerator service, and changes in engineering and technology require that your commercial refrigeration repair technician remain up to date. To accomplish this, NATE requires re-certification testing to keep technicians on the cutting edge of the refrigeration equipment industry. When looking for someone to provide you with quality commercial refrigerator service, take the time to look for a technician that has been NATE certified.

Issues We Troubleshoot

Even if you have bought your units from the most durable and top-notch brands, you need to repair them overtime to fix any issues that might arise. You can apply the old saying in this case, “prevention is better than cure,” to maintain the performance and longevity of your equipment. Here are some common problems that we help in fixing.


  • Power Issues

Sometimes your commercial refrigeration equipment might not power up properly. This can lead to improper cooling of the beverages or food in the fridge. Besides, if you are in the food industry, you need to fix these problems at the right time. Sometimes the issues are complex and require a professional service provider to service your problem. However, if you are facing simpler issues, you can work on them yourself.

For instance, you can check whether the unit is switched on or off while acing power issues. You must also check the electrical cords as they can be accidentally plugged out of the outlet. Sometimes, the problem is not in your unit but in the power supply. Hence, use voltage detectors for checking the voltage percentage and the ground and wire outlets to check whether they are active. 


  • Temperature Problems with Your Refrigerator

You have bought your refrigerator unit with the sole purpose of cooling your food and beverages. So, when the refrigerator is not cooling properly, it beats the purpose. You need to address any cooling problem quickly to prevent any further adversities.

First, you need to examine your appliance properly. If your appliance is placed against the wall, you need to change its position to allow some proper air circulation. Although commercial refrigerators can withstand countless closing and opening operations, the gasket can experience significant wear and tear. Thus, you have to close and seal the door completely after every use to allow the unit to cool itself properly.

Other than that, the temperature control gauge can be broken or show incorrect reading. Some brands manufacture their products with easily replaceable temperature gauges. Nevertheless, your appliance can also have a blocked vent that can lead to an incorrect temperature reading. In that case, you can double-check the temperature with a thermometer to check whether the thermostat is working properly.


  • Compressors

The overall cooling of your unit depends on the working of your appliance’s compressor. Most commercial refrigeration companies provide their consumers with an outlined manual on how to clean the compressor effectively. Ideally, compressors need to be cleaned every 90 days as grease, hair, and dirt can build up and keep the compressor from functioning. If the compressor is getting hot, then you should get it checked by a professional right away to prevent your appliance from shutting down completely. 


  • Evaporator Fan

It would be best to get the evaporator fan checked when the ice starts to get collected throughout the unit. You need to turn off your unit before so that the ice can melt completely off the evaporator. Your model’s manual will have various cleaning tips that you can use to clean the coils of your appliance’s evaporator. You have to clean the drain lines as well. In case you notice any part of the evaporator coil freezing up, then it indicates a low charge. Hence, you need to call a certified technician to check the unit’s sub-cooling feature and pressure.


  • Lighting Issues

Minor problems such as lighting issues can lead to problems too. You can easily look after lighting issues by yourself. If your appliance has a bulb, you can do it yourself, but if it has LED lighting, you need to call a technician. Getting the lighting checked by the manufacturer will prevent any chances of the electrical sockets burning out.

It can be safely concluded that commercial refrigeration plays a crucial role in a wide range of businesses. Therefore, it is your job to see that these heavy-duty and expensive units are looked after properly.





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