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Totally Custom Restaurant Drink Coolers to Keep Your Beverages and Food Chilled

Buoyant by our over-a-decade experience in installation of cold storage to single restaurants, restaurant chains, and other commercial food service applications, AllPrecise HVAC welcomes you on our restaurant coolers and freezers page.

There is no denying that everyone loves to see large amount of refrigerated products or beverages in a proper manner. Something highly required for food service or restaurant industry, restaurant coolers are highly important. Also, Chicago hospitality lies in its variety in food and beverages. This automatically calls for smart preservation of your beverages. We at, Allprecise HVAC, understand Chicago restaurant business’ requirement of beverage products and new size packaging. We are the leader in creating 100 % custom restaurant coolersfor you.

Our belief in being the best company for Chicago restaurant coolers and freezers is our expertise in gauging the right solution for your business. We advise you the right space for you and assist you in getting the best mileage of right combination of length, depth and height to adapt to any space requirements. Also, we also make sure that we blend AllPrecise-made restaurant cooler with lock technology so that you feel it is truly yours – all these in quick restaurant freezers installation process and cost-effective!



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    Some of the refrigerator types we can supply your commercial space with.

    Be it Cooler/freezer combinations, indoor or outdoor boxes, or units to utilize the space of your restaurant – you name it , we have the expertise.

    • Under-counter, stainless steel,
    • glass door reach-in,
    • sandwich/salad, pizza, and much more !

    Call 312.446.5078 for 24*7 assistance. We also have standard sized walk-in refrigerator and freezer units available to buy and are perfect for restaurants.

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