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Walk In Cooler Repair By AllPrecise HVAC Chicago

All Precise Refrigeration takes pride in meeting your every refrigeration need through innovative and reliable service and performance. We are a full-service company and service all refrigeration systems for food service applications of all types.

In Chicago refrigeration and heating, Walk in Cooler Freezer combos hold great importance residential as well as commercially. Also, service of these combo units are equally important as these cooling as well as heating units are running constantly and are lifeline of Chicago business domain. Specialty lies in its potential to handle both the cooler and freezer in one unit .That is why the following areas talk about its widespread requirement in Chicago land.

Some of the places where you undoubtedly check out Walk-in coolers are:

  • Bars Pubs & Nightclubs –For keeping Beer
  • Floral – Floral Refrigerators
  • Grocery – For proper storage of items
  • Hunting – Meat & Game Lockers
  • Residential Bars – Brew Caves
  • Mortuary – Sad example but the machines work feasibly
  • Restaurant – Foodservice Walk-Ins
  • Warehouse – Cold Storage Warehouses



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    These units are great for great units for your specific requirements. In our very own Chicago, where AllPrecise HVAC has been working day and night to service your Walk-in cooler combos, this choice is good for cost-cutting in today’s economy.

    The very first question which comes in mind is how would a HVAC company save money in case the walk-in combo requires repair services? We at AllPrecise understands this concern and that is why our expert solutions for the toughest walk-in cooler repair problems are sure-shot formula for remedy of your refrigeration and heating solutions in Chicago. Moreover, we all do this in your own budget so that you do not over-pay.

    AllPrecise HVAC is the name of highly-skilled technicians to maintain your walk-in cooler and freezer appliances. Talking about us, following help you:

    • More than a decade rich experience in HVAC –
    • Cost-effective service for walk in coolers, ice machines, deep freezers, upright freezers and refrigerators..
    • Partnerships with leading refrigeration & heating companies in Chicago
    • Test assembles all walk-ins for quality assurance.
    • High Quality Units
    • Superior Customer Support
    • Short Lead Times

    We serve 7 days a week, round-the-clock!

    Please call us at 312-446-5078 to check out how we can assist you in Walk In Cooler Repair. We have special discounts which you might like to check out!

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