Walk In Coolers Repair Service by AllPrecise Commercial Refrigeration Repair

AllPrecise HVAC has been repairing Walk In Coolers and Freezers with the following features, which make such a great HVAC company in Chicago area:

  • Maintenance contracts
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • New equipment installations
  • Freezer rentals
  • Equipment service records
  • Removal/disposal of un-wanted equipment
  • Refrigerant recovery & refrigerant retrofitting
  • Service repair parts (factory or aftermarket) and many other offerings.

Besides, we are prime choice for the service Cool Rooms and Walk-In Freezer Rooms for:

  • Liquor Stores
  • Fruit Shops
  • Butchers
  • Restaurants
  • Super Markets
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Food Production
  • Chemical Storage
  • Airport and Shipping Terminals

It has been more than 20 years since AllPrecise HVAC in Chicago has been catering services in heating, cooling and the ever-important walk in room repair. We are the specialist in the business when you need the one-stop solution for cold rooms and stores for chilled distribution centers etc.

AllPrecise HVAC pride itself to be assisting walk-in coolers freezers so that they work well. No matter the problem lies in it inefficiency of being not cold enough or that irritating sound from the machine – we are round-the-clock available to fix every single problem your walk-in-cooler has. Besides, you can also set-up a free consultation so that everything is understood without any fuss.

Just call us on 312-446-5078 or, alternatively fill the form below.In either case, you would be getting assured HVAC services at your doorsteps.

Walk in Cooler Repair Chicago

In the food industry, there is a need to keep the food products safe from contamination and ensuring that they are still safe for consumption. Coolers are one of that storage equipment that are valuable in keeping food safe, fresh and making them last a little longer. But when your cooler breaks down, your food and drinks inside can be affected. Your food service will be at risk and it could mean losses on your side. If you are experiencing issues with your cooler, contact a walk in cooler repair service right away. Those valuable products inside should be kept at the right temperature. If your products are on the line, don’t hesitate in calling the best walk in cooler repair service you can get. Leaking or dripping of water on your freezer are safety issues that must be given prompt attention too. It might cause accidents due to the wet floor.

There are huge risks when you have a malfunctioning cooler. You have to protect your investments by acting fast. If you see there’s a problem with your cooler, such as inadequate cooling, then let a walk in cooler repair technician diagnose it. Is the compressor not working? Do you think there is a freon leak? Is there something wrong with the evaporator? Are you paying unusual high electricity bills for your cooler? These are issues that you may not like to have because it could mean more expenses, a decrease of customers, and lesser profits. Don’t let this happen to your business. Be an observant walk in walk in cooler repair service man. Take time to see if the system is operating as it should be. Maintaining the desired temperature of your cooler is a sure way of protecting the products inside. If your cooler is too hot for your products, then you should be alarmed. Time is a valuable thing so find someone who can fix the system and make it run again. Don’t try to tweak and fix your own cooler. You might be causing more problems with it if you aren’t a qualified technician to diagnose and repair it.

Walk in Cooler Service Chicago

When you are providing a service, being efficient is being productive. To ensure that you are efficient, you must have working tools and equipment. But there are times that when you need the usability of an equipment it will also be the exact time that it will fail on you. That is really a scenario that you wouldn’t want to be in. If you are providing a food service the next day or in a few hours, then your walk in cooler just decided to “die” in that moment, you will be stressed if that happens. So, you will call a walk in cooler service to fix the problem with it but the staff said that it could be after a few days before they will be able to get to you because of their present workload. How problematic it could be? Well, it could pose a big problem for you and the products inside your cooler. Call an HVAC company that has emergency repair service in your area that will not let you wait for long.

There are walk in cooler service companies that you can call to fix your unit any time of the day. However, there are instances that service repairs can’t be with you right away when you need them. The earliest could be hours after you called especially if they are a company that is known to have reliable and great service. They could have other appointments that were scheduled before you called. Then a walk in cooler service is the answer. You just have to be patient if you really want to have their service. If you need a cold storage immediately and your walk in cooler is acting crazy, then you need to find a temporary solution for your dilemma. Those temperature sensitive items need to be placed in a storage or areas where they will not perish especially if the repair will take days. Diagnosing a cooling system like yours can take time. The technician has to determine which component is causing the problem and fixing it will take also time especially if the part is to be repaired or replaced. An experienced walk in cooler service technician will be able to provide solutions for your cooler problems. He can even provide a safe and temporary solution if the repair or replacement will take days. Always hire someone with the right credentials.

Walk in Freezer Repair Chicago

Buying a new freezer is costly so if you have a working one now, try to have a regular preventive maintenance for it. If it is properly maintained, there will be fewer issues with it so there will be lesser expenses in maintaining it. Regular maintenance of your appliance is one way of extending its life and thus minimizing expensive repairs and replacements. A freezer keeps the products at an ideal level so that they will still be saleable to the customers thus increasing your business profits. If your freezer isn’t working at an optimum level, there’s the possibility that the products could go to waste. When it comes to food products, there are strict regulations regarding them and failure to comply with them is already violations. That is why there is an expiry dates placed on them for health reasons. Without a freezer, the products that should be kept in a very low temperature can’t be safely stored. Storage of food products is crucial for a food-related business. Temperature control is one way of reducing bacterial growth in the food products. Perishable food items have to be kept at a certain temperature level to prevent product wastage.

To avoid a costly a freezer repair, have your equipment be inspected and maintained by a qualified walk in freezer repair technician. Your unit will be more energy efficient if it has periodic inspection. So at an earlier time, the little problem can be fixed before it becomes a huge and costly one. The mechanical components of your freezer such as the condenser, evaporator and other electrical components will fail at some point and the refrigerant levels will be at a level that will not be useful. So, before you will have these issues come to you, it will be beneficial for you if your freezer will be thoroughly inspected to improve its performance and prevent a major breakdown of the unit. Through also those inspections, the walk in freezer repair technician can check if there are components or parts that need to be replaced or repaired before they become the reasons of the disruptions of your food service business. Let a team of highly-skilled walk in freezer repair professionals do the inspections and repairs of your freezer. It takes only one call to save your freezer and your business operation.



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